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About Us Nidab Produktion AB

The company was founded in 2003 as a supplier to the Swedish and Norwegian oil and gas industry. With a focus on effective personnel solutions for the onshore and offshore sector, Nidab Produktion AB has grown and is now a significant player on the Norwegian continental shelf.

On-time delivery of cost-effective staffing solutions with HSE and quality in focus.

Within the marine oil and gas industry a qualified professional staff is a vital feature for a successful outcome. Skills of the staff ensures that the activities and projects are carried out effectively and safely.


Staff have a crucial role in the company’s efficiency and competitive advantage in the global market.

Nidab Produktion AB has extensive experience in structuring, planning and meeting the customer’s staffing needs in the oil and gas sector. Whether we meet the staffing needs of an operator, service company or drilling contractor, the right people with the right education is a critical component of a safe and efficient operation.

Nidab Produktion AB always makes sure to meet the requirements for education and skills set of client and government agencies. We supply the personnel requested by the procedures developed in cooperation with the customer. This provides quality, environmentally safe and economically viable projects with HSEQ in focus.

Our Vision

”Nidab Produktion AB performs the role of technical provider of qualified personnel to oil and gas sector, the right skill set at the right time.”

Vacant positions

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