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Focusing on HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY AND QUALITY we engage in the work carried out. This leads to that we continue to maintain our level as a professional and safe employer.

Nidab Production AB has a broad focus on HEALTH, ENVIROMENT, SAFETY and QUALITY.

Nidab has a good reputation for good work environment and for a professional treatment of its staff and its customers. The focus is on flexible and creative solutions in line with current requirements, without compromising on HSEQ.

The company’s goal is to minimize the risks to people, equipment and environment, in an ”open minded” corporate culture that values HEALTH, ENVIROMENT, SAFETY and QUALITY.


The following points form the basis of our HSEQ culture:

  • None of our staff are to be injured or killed due to their efforts for Nidab Produktion AB.
  • We build our business on a motivated, efficient and experienced staff, by regularly training of our staff in HSEQ.

Zero accidents

HEALTH, ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY and QUALITY is a top priority in the company.

Nidab Produktion AB has a policy to comply HSEQ in detail to ensure a high standard for the entire organization and the customer.

Continuously we strive to be better in HSEQ, efforts are made to review and improve our systems and procedures.

Each activity should be ensured to follow the guidelines and requirements for HSEQ.

  • Zero injuries is our overall objective
  • We shall build trust among our customers and security for our employees
  • We shall comply with laws, regulations and ethical guidelines
  • HSEQ work is the sector that has superior priority
  • No operation has priority over safety
  • HSEQ culture shall permeate the entire organization at all levels
  • Everyone in Nidab are responsible for their own and others’ safety
  • We will prevent pollution and reduce adverse emissions
  • We will reduce waste and optimize our use of resources





Vacant positions

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